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Colloid solutions are made of distilled water, in which tiny particles of metal are diluted. These particles are held in a state of suspension (known as Browne’s movement), and evenly spread by the application of an electric current.

The small size of these particles allows them to penetrate into the bloodstream, through which they can reach and take effect on every cell in the body.

Most colloidal solutions – in particular those produced with the use of direct current – have only limited lifespan. They also contain up to 85-90% positively charged metal compounds –while only the remainder are actually effective metal particles.

The biological effect of a good quality is significantly greater than that of solutions produced on a smaller scale. Because high quality products contain only active Silver/Gold/Copper particles they also do not cause any undesirable side effects.

 Solutions of Silver/Gold/Copper (colloids) have been in use since antiquity. They have always been known as a household medicine capable of ‘working miracles’. There is an extensive literature of publications and studies on the positive impact of these substances. References and extracts are included in the individual product descriptions.Colloid solutions are prescribed by doctors, therapists and are often used by individuals on their own. Its positive action is beyond any doubt. Please find general directions for use in the individual colloid descriptions.



Home | Silver Solution | Gold Solution | Copper Solution | Zinc Solution