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Gold solution

Good quality gold solution is a perfect natural mineral nutritional supplement. Specialised literature on the subject affirms that gold can mitigate the effects of arthritis, diminish swelling and improve the mobility of joints. It also has a positive impact on brain functions, reinforces the nervous system and reduces the effects of stress.
Regular intake of gold colloid relieves depression, sadness, fatigue, and angst; as well as having a positive effect on general wellbeing.
The ‘euphoric’ effects of gold colloid are present not only in terms of psychological problems: gold solution brings a positive contribution to healing other illnesses and to everyday life. The intellect will become sharper, concentration and memory will improve. Gold colloid has been also proved to be effective in the treatment of shortness of attention and hyperactivity. It increases energy levels and the libido. Gold helps regularise the heart beat, improves blood circulation and helps regulate body temperature.

It has been successfully used in the treatment of alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine addiction, as well as compulsive eating and reducing the symptoms of asthma.

5000 years ago the Ancient Egyptians already considered gold as a means of mental, bodily and spiritual purification. They believed that gold stimulates the vital power and raises the spiritual level.

China’s most famous alchemist Qo Hung (281-361) was the fist to state that gold solution possesed rejuvenating, life-prolonging power. From China, the gold solution made its way to Arabic alchemists, from whom the knowledge was transmitted to Europe.

Paracelsus (1493-1541), the founder of medical chemistry –iathrochemistry – produced several medecines out of precious metals, which also included gold. He successfully administered metallic salts to patients declared hopeless cases by other physicians.

Gold-coated tablets and „gold-water” were immensely popular in
mediaeval Europe. Alchemists mixed concoctions based on
powdered gold, which were thought to be a remedy for limb aches (known as arthritis today). The knowledge of gold’s capacity to heal arthritis has been around for centuries: even today gold is most frequently used for its treatment.

It was Michael Faraday, the famous physicist, who first produced an extraordinarily stable gold colloid through the use of electrolysis in 1857.

The famous German bacteriologist and Nobel prize winner, Dr. Robert Koch, made the discovery that the bacteria responsible for TBC are not able to survive in after coming into contact with gold. His research earned him the Nobel prize for Medicine in 1905.

In the USA, gold colloid has been recommended as means to combat alcohol addiction as early as 1885. It has been demonstratedthat gold colloid lessens the desire for alcohol. In addition it is used to lessen addiction to caffein and to carbohydrates. Likewise its healing impact on the heart and the blood circulation has been widely recognized. Gold colloid is also an approved cure for dermatoma and burns. It has been proved useful as a post-operation treatment in certain kinds of nervesurgery.

In the 1900s gold plates were implanted beneath the skin or on inflamed elbow or knee joints. This resulted in the relief or complete removal of pain. Since 1927 gold has been the accepted treatement used for inflammation of the joints (rheumatoid arthritis).

In 1935 Edward H. Ochsner, consulting surgeon of the Augustana Hospital in Chicago, published an article in the medical journal Clinical Medicine and Surgery under the title „Gold colloid for incurable cancer cases”. In the article, Oschner states, „When there is no more hope of recovery, gold colloid helps to prolong life and makes it much more bearable for the patient as well as for the nurse... it visibly diminishes pain and discomfort.”

The medical bestseller by Dr. Nilo Cairo and Dr. A. Brinkmann, Materia Medica (19th edition, 1956, Sao Paolo, Brasil) states that „ gold colloid is the best means against obesity”.

Dr. Guy E. Abraham and Peter B. Himmel establish in their study (1997) that arthritis can be successfully treated by gold solution. Furthermore they state that gold particles that are in the state of puremetal within the gold colloid have no side effects, unlike gold compounds. Another study proves that gold colloid improves brain activity. Taken daily for 3-4 weeks gold solution can raise the IQ by 20%, improve concentration and sharpen understanding. It appears that gold colloid increases the conductibility of the nerve endings (nervende) in the body and in the central nervous system, which leads to higher physical and mental performance . This agrees with the views of Edgar Cayce inasmuch as gold helps in the regeneration of the nerveous system. Cayce stated that „rightly dosed, gold and silver can nearly double life expectancy”.

According to medical authorities, gold is an effective medicine for chronic, corticosteroid -addicted asthma patients. Continuous treatment brings relief, as hyperactivity of the bronchial tubes and the dosage of glucocorticoids can be diminished.

In 2002 scientists in Australia and New Zealand produced an anti-cancer drug based on gold and silver. It was capable of destroying the cancer cells in the uteri of mice without damaging the healthy cells.

Biochemistry also uses gold in protein compounds to create new life-saving medicines. A new treatment of HIV using gold to stop the viruses’ spread in the infected cells is now being tested. Gold has also been applied to heal certain types of cancer. Injections of microscopic particles of gold stops the spread of prostate cancer. Cancer of the ovaries is treated with gold; golden steam-laser destroys cancer cells, leaving the healthy cells undamaged.

Taken daily, together with silver colloid, gold colloid supports and strengthens the natural defense system of the body, the immune system. It increases vitality and prolongs life expectancy. To achieve optimal absorption, it is recommended to leave half an hour between the doses of gold and silver colloids.

As modern science is slowly discovering what our ancestors seem to have already known, we will slowly but surely come to realize fully the healing effects of gold.

No negative side-effects have ever been reported from the use of any good-quality gold solution! In addition, it does not interfere with other medicines, whose effects will not be hindered.  



For the best possible absorption it is recommended to take gold colloid 5-10 mins. before eating. Adults 2 teaspoons daily; children 1 teaspoon (5 ml).


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Clients’ reviews of
gold colloid

I really appreciate gold colloid, which I bought for my child. His concentration has greatly improved ever since he started taking it. At school he became more attentive and participates in everything much more actively.
Anna Bencsik


I suffered from arthritis for a long time, and had to endure numerous ray- and electro-treatments. When autumn came I was too terrified to wear closed shoes because of the pain. I couldn’t even walk properly any more. I was like a cripple, and suffered constant pulsing aches in my heel. But after taking only two bottles of gold colloid, the pain has completely disappeared!
Frau J. Farkas


My mother suffered badly from swollen joints. Immediately after taking the second bottle of gold colloid the swelling began to dissappear. There are no more red patches, and she has joyfully declared that the pain is also gone.

Frau Gabrielle Prager

My father has been taking colloid for just two days and his condition has become so much better that at night he gets up only three times or less, and now actually only once.
Thomas Pinter


I have been taking gold colloid for three weeks now and am very happy to say that I can bear the stress of everyday life so much better. I also have a better control of all the situations at work and in my family. My concentration and my attention span have both increased. I am 55 years old: but now I can carry the burdens of life with greater ease, and I am more balanced and enthusiastic. People around me have watched this change with amazement and a certain amount of envy. Your product has had a very positive effect on me.
Frau Sanjani


I discovered colloids only in April last year. Ever since I have been taking them regularly. I have noticed that the different colloids reinforce each other’s effect when taken together. With gold colloid I have had two positive experiences:

1. For more than 30 years I had to have physiotherapy for hip-joint osteoarthritis and vertebrostenose. Ever since I started taking colloid my pains are practically gone and I am no longer sensitive to changes of the weather.

2. I have diabetes and must take insulin regularly; in addition to that I have high blood pressure. This forces me to maintain a strict diet. Drinking beer is completely forbidden. Regardless I sometimes allowed myself a glass of beer, for which I had to pay by then fighting to control my blood pressure and the level of sugar in my blood. In the couple of months since I started taking the colloid, I notice that I have no more desire for beer. I still drink one glass after a meal, but I no longer have the urge for a second.
Georg Hase


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