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Copper solution


The secret to ETERNAL YOUTH?


Copper has been used in medicine and cosmetics for several thousand years. Legends tell that the Solomon gave the Queen of Sheba a copper powder that she refined and applied as an ointment to her face and body
to preserve and enhance her beauty. Interestingly, the same thing was said of Cleopatra and Nefertete, whom the Egyptian legends portray as women of extraordinary beauty.

Through the centuries people wore copper ornaments close to the skin as an antidote to various diseases, including arthritis. Besides wearing copper, many other treatments were known and applied including the use of copper powder. Yet a completely reliable copper treatment has only become possible today, due to the development of the electrically produced copper colloid.

The particles of copper produced by the colloid technology are smaller than the pores of the membranes - they can move freely throught the body, where they can provide the necessary elementary copper supplement without causing a concentration of toxins.


Why do we need copper?

Copper is an essential trace element. It is indispensable for the creation of red blood cells, for the albumen-exchange, for RNS synthesis (RNS is one of the molecules defined by DNA and responsible for the production of proteins necessary for the body), for the activity of the enzymes, for the colour of the hair and skin and for healthy nerves. Copper also makes an important contribution to bone growth: it enables essential assimilation of calcium and phosphorus! It is indispensable for healing processes, for energy production within the cells and also for the ability to taste. Copper increases the body’s capacity to absorb iron. It helps to preserve the tissues of the heart and arteries; facilitates the regeneration of cartilage and tendons and plays an important role in the functioning of the immune system. In order to properly absorpb large quantities of vitamin C, the body needs additional copper. Together with zinc and vitamin C, copper greatly contributes to the production of elastine, which is responsible for the elasticity of our skin.

What are the signs of copper deficiency?

One of the earliest symptoms is osteoporosis. The work of Dr. Robert O. Becker, published 15 years ago suggests that copper’ electromagnetic binding power keeps the Apatite crystals, which constitute our bones, and the collagen fibres together. Thus, the lack of copper in the bones and in the collagen areas could be the missing link responsible for causing osteoporosis.

Collagen is one of the most basic proteins for the bones, skin and
tissues: and copper is indispensable for its production. Copper deficiency causes disturbance in the synthesis of collagens and elastines.

Other symptoms of copper deficiency include: diarrhoea, skin inflammation, loss of hair, general weakness, fatigue, irritation, respiratory problems, anaemia, and blood-pressure problems.

Copper helps in the integration of iron in haemoglobins. In the case of copper deficiency iron supplements will not improve the condition of the illness.

Copper deficiency leads to dangerous rise of the blood-cholesterol level. It is thus one of the factors responsible for the illnesses of coronary circulation and cerebral haemorrhage. Copper is vital for the maintenance of the connective tissues of the heart and veins.

Copper is the basic element of many vitally important enzymes. Together with zinc, copper activates the functioning of Superoxide-dismutase enzyme, which effects the neutralization of the free radicals produced in the body. This process leads – among other things – to the relief of rheumatic pains. Citrochrome-c-oxidase enzyme, containing iron and copper, activates the last reaction of the respiratory chain. If the functioning the enzyme is hampered, the cells cease functioning in a very short time.

The genetic code of albinos lacks the so-called tyrosinase gene, which controls the production of copper-containing enzymes. This enzyme transforms the tyrosine amino-acids into melanin, which is responsible for the skin’s natural colour. Without tyrosinase enzyme, the body cannot produce melanin, the pigment responsible for skin colouration, and for colour in the hair and the eyes.

Other important enzymes containing copper that are important for the
development of the human body are dopamin-b-hydroxilase, lysyl-oxidase and amin-oxidase.

Copper plays an important role in the treatment of specific skin-diseases and bacterial infections (also mycoses). It lessens the risk of Candida infection.

It is responsible for the production and functioning of myelin, which
surrounds and protects the nerve- and the brain-cells. It also plays an important role in the information exchange between nerve cells.

Copper is ideal for the treatment of wrinkles and for increasing the suppleness of the skin. Today copper is used as an active substance in many high quality facial beauty creams. Applied directly to the skin it can improve the condition of varicose veins.

Applied internally, copper nourishes the blood, purifies veins and arteries and improves circulation. Copper creates the necessary conditions to reverse the greying of the hair, owing to the chemical change that it casues in the roots of the hair.

The human body needs 1-2 mg copper daily. Usually it is acquired through food; otherwise it can be absorbed through the skin. At an advanced age it is important to maintain a correct level of copper in the body. Copper deficiency is the cause of many common age-related diseases.

Observation has also shown that copper colloid, when taken between the teeth, stimulates clear thinking as it accelerates the brain synapses function.

All in all, copper is an excellent ingredient for health and beauty, stimulating the brain, clearing the veins and arteries; it is an antioxidant, and maintains the suppleness of the skin.

With so many positive effects, copper could easily be called the
source of eternal youth.

The product is a completely natural mineral nutritional supplement,
containing 99,99% of pure colloidal copper dissolved in distilled water.
Contains no colouring or artificial preservatives!


One or two teaspoons daily at mealtime.


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Clients’ reviews of
copper colloid

I have been taking copper colloid for many months. On October 18th I had to undergo a bone density examination. Up to now I have tried every possible medicine, without any result. Thanks to the colloid my condition has visibly improved. I also have a blood pressure problem. It causes me to sleep a lot, often right through the day. Now I do not sleep during the day any more, and I can stay awake longer during the evenings. The last test I had showed that my blood is perfectly healthy. Unfortunately my daughter has similar problems, but I believe that the copper colloid will help her too.
Rosalia B.


I have been taking a teaspoonful of colloid for a month and can report the following change:
The swelling of veins on my legs is visibly reduced. I can stand better or sit without stretching my legs to rest. My hair colour has grown darker. You can’t see any more grey hair – on the contrary about 50% of the original colour has returned.
Rita T.M.


I have a very high level of iron in my blood and have never been able to do anything about it, despite trying many different types of medicine. Three months after I began taking the colloid, a great change began to appear. My GP was amazed and asked how I had managed to make it happen. Somehow I did not want to tell him. I consider it to be a professional secret. My hair was almost completely grey, which is normal at my age. Now the hair has begun to turn dark again. Many of my friends have already asked me how it happened. It is the effect of the copper colloid.
Csaba B.


I have always been interested in cosmetics and in staying young. I was fascinated when I first heard of copper colloid. I have been rubbing it into my face and taking it internally for a week. Even after this seemingly short amount of time my skin has became smooth and supple. It is hard to believe that such things even exist!
Frau Zs. K.



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