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Silver solution

A certain amount of silver solution functions as a second immune system in our body.If taken regularly, the silver colloid activates the immune system through interaction with leukocytes and phagocytes. It destroys all known germs that it comes into immediate contact with. No known disease agent can survive if a given quantity of silver colloid is present in the body. In addition to its disinfecting and preventive effects, silver colloid contributes to the healing of acute diseases and assists recovery.

This product is a homogenous solution of tiny silver particles diluted in the purest distilled water. It contains no stabilisers, artificial colours, binders or other additives. It is suitable for both internal and external use.

Even the Ancient Greeks and Romans recognised the beneficial actions of silver. They kept drinks in silver vessels to preserve their freshness. American settlers noticed that milk lasts for longer without turning sour if a silver dollar is placed in it. Silver is an essential trace element for plants and animals as well as for humans.

Medical research has shed light on the close connection between silver and the immune system, which is responsible for the health of our organism. Dr. Gary Smith has demonstrated that colloidal silver is indispensable for the body’s self-defence mechanism. Reduced functioning of our immune system can be related to silver deficiency in the body.

According to the research of Dr. Robert O. Becker, silver is also an effective agent in bone regeneration, capable of speeding up the healing of fractures by 50%. Furthermore, silver helps in theregeneration of skin and other fine tissue, as well as keeping wounds sterile. These positive effects have lead to the introduction and successful use of thin anti-bacterial silver foil in the treatment of wounds as early as 1930. Today silver is used in 70% of US surgical clinics and clinics handling burns. Dr. Björn Nordenström of the Swedish Karolinska Intitute has reported the successful healing of cancer patients treated with the silver colloid. He has affirmed rapid healing in cases considered hopeless by other physicians. Prof. Nordenström, together with the Austrian Rudolf Pekar, has contributed to the creation of ECT (Electro-Cancer Treatment), which has proved to be a highly successful cancer therapy (approx. 85% success rate).

Everybody needs silver

Industrial-scale agriculture based on the use of artificial fertilisers does not allow the soil to regenerate fully, causing its mineral contentto become exhausted.

According to Earth Summit Report published in 1992, the mineral content of soil in the US will decrease by 85% in the next hundred years. The vitamin and trace mineral content of plants has been palpably declining over the last few decades. Measurements carried out by R.A. Kehoe show that the average silver content of vegetables in 1940 was still 50 in a 100 micrograms: unfortunately today this content is just a fraction of that number. Transmitted through the food chain, this lack of trace elements manifests itself in humans. If not counter-balanced by the right nutritional supplements, this can lead to a highersusceptibility to illness.

High quality silver solution

Silver colloid produced on a small scale with the use of direct currentcan be transparent or yellowish. It can be only approximately be called colloid: it contains 85-90% of positively charged silver compounds. Only the remainder are metal particles. Genuine, high-quality silver colloid can only be manufactured in laboratories using specializedtechnology and electrical equipment capable ofproducing high-frequency alternating current. The colour of solutions produced in this way is between yellow and dark brown, depending on the concentration of silver. It contains predominantly silver particles with metallic caracteristics. Silver compounds are completely or almost entirely absent. The biological activity of this kind of product is greater than that of „“home-made“ solutions. As it does not contain any Silver+ Ions, it causes no negative side effects.


An article in Science Digest Magazine (March 1978) provides a fascinating description of the action of the silver colloid. Placed in a test glass with 650 different microorganisms, the colloid destroyed all the agents of disease within six minutes . It operates by penetrating into the bacteria and parasites and causes their destruction by blocking the functioning of tyolenzimes. Consumption of silver colloid has no side effects. It does not damage the useful bacteria of the large intestine, because the solution is completely absorbed by the small intestine.

Recommended use

Research suggests the use of silver colloid for practically all infectious and inflammatory diseases, both external and internal. It can help in the treatment of inflammation of the mouth (stomatitis) and of the gums, respiratory diseases, bronchitis, rhinitis, pneumonia, otitis, conjunctivitis,gastritis, intestinal diseases and candida infection. Regular use can stop mycosis on the finger-nails, feet, ears, armpits and other body parts. Massaged into the scalp, silver colloid helps to stop dandruff and itching. It has been proved effective for the treatment of skin rash, outbreaks of spots, sores, warts, scab, scarlet fever, eczemae, herpes, skin cancer and numerous other skin troubles. The positive effects of silver colloid has been further observed on diseases such as HIV, Parkinsons, Lyme-disease, meningitis, syphilis, gonorrhea, cholera, malaria, leprosy, bubonic plague, blood infections, splenitis, cancer, leukaemia, lymphaic circulation difficulties, and arthritis. The symptoms allergies and hay-fever are quicky reduced, with itchiness around the eyes ceasing immediately. Silver colloid heals burns while protecting the wound from infection, also heals cuts andgrazes; and it is a fantastic remedy for sun-burns!

Practical advice

Inflammation of the throat, as well as other mouth inflammations or wounds, caries and bad breath can be successfully treated by repeated mouth washing and gargling with the silver colloid. The healing of wounds or grazes can be hastened by applying a plaster or dressing soaked in colloid. In case of mycosis or body odour one can achieve positive results by washing the affected areas with silver colloid. To relieve inflammation or itching of the eyes silver colloid can be applied as eye-drops.

Regular intake of silver colloid will result in the strengthening and stimulation of the immune system. In case of external use, it is important to make sure there is contact between the colloid and the affected area. Treatment must be repeated often to avoid relapse due to any remaining traces of virus or infection.

In the Garden

Silver solution can also be used in the garden, where it can help heal anyplants affected by bacteria, mushrooms or viruses. Silver colloid can also destroy any parasitic micro-organisms in watering systems and in the soil. It also helps plants to grow. Try sprinkling it on the leaves of plants and on soil. The colloid will act on any kind of illness in plants – rust, mildew, rot. Silver colloid is also ideal for food conservation: when sprinkled with colloid fruit and vegetables do not rot or ferment. Try adding it to the water for freshly cut flowers!


Animals can also benefit from colloidal silver. It can be applied both externally and internally to wounds, bites, inflammations and infections. It is also efficient remedy against the parvovirus infection in dogs.

Good quality silver solution has no harmful side effects! It does not impede the functioning of other medicines. Taken together with gold colloid it strengthens the natural immune system of the body, improves the general health, and keeps the spirit and the body young. Owing to its atomic structure it has an extra capacity to regenerate the anatomic structure of the liver. It reinforces the liver’s functions and prevents poisoning.  


Daily dose for adults

2x1 teaspoons; as a prophylactic: 1 teaspoon. It is recommended to hold the solution in the mouth for a couple of minutes before swallowing for faster absorption.


Please note:Do not keep silver colloids in the refrigerator.Do not keep coloids next to electric appliances or magnets, or the colloidal state (electric charge) of the solution will be affected.  

According to the European Medicines law colloid is not considered medicine. On legal grounds it can only be sold as a means of disinfection and distillation of drinking water.

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Clients’ reviews of silver colloid

My three-month-old baby son recently got a high fever. At 2 a.m. his temperature rose to 38,3 C. I immediately gave him silver colloid and repeated the treatment several times before 7 in the morning. By then his fever had already dropped to 37,7 C. Immediately afterwards I took my son to the GP, who diagnosed a viral infection and prescribed antibiotics. However, I did not give my son this prescription. Instead we continued to apply silver colloid, thanks to which he became well in two days. As a means of prevention we continue to give it to him. Vivien Posmik


My 20-year-old daughter had spots everywhere on her face and back. She tried all kinds of medicines. She was even presecribed a one with a high hormone content. Instead of giving her that, I gave her silver colloid with the instruction not just to drink it, but also to rub it into her skin. She then began to carry out the treatment. After only a few days all of her skin problems had completely disappeared. Anna Rakos


For several years my husband had a wound that was constantly reopening and was like an abscess. The dermatologist gave him various creams and ointments, and also those containing hormonal stuff. Still this has brought absolutely no relief. We applied silver colloid two or three times – and in less than a week the wound closed! Today everything is fine, and there is no longer any trace of the injury.Vera Suli


My eyes were very sensitive to light. This was particularly unpleasant when driving, and I could hardly read. This was because a wart had appeared on the base of my eyeball. My eyes were watering constantly because of it. I started applying silver colloid, and in two months my complaint has completely ceased. Emma Kovacs


An acquaintance of mine was suffering for years from respiratory infections. Almost every month the disease would come back. Since she started taking colloids, the illness completely disappeared: for eight months now she has enjoyed perfect health.Karl Pretz


Before, I often had to return to the gynecologist. Almost every time the same complaints returned after two weeks– just enough time to finish the prescribed medication. After a while I took the decision to look for an alternative treatment. The main reason was that I couldn’t afford the expensive doctors’ bills for much longer. A friend of mine recommended silver colloid. As soon as I started taking it, the symptoms ceased and I need no more gynecologist ever since. After fighting the same complaint for many years it was really fantastic to be free of it. Anita Olah


Source: www. termektapasztalatok.hu(Experiences with the products)